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The new way of teaching music

Discover a new way to teach the subject of music. No downloads or synchronizations required: just pure fun!



Our teaching method is fun. In this way, we aim to engage and motivate students while providing them with an excellent selection of activities.


Our success is based, especially, on the interaction with all the teaching staff who implement our methodology, creating a huge working group where everyone participates in the development of the improvements that are incorporated day by day.


Seeing the progress and achievements of your students has never been easier. Monitor their behavior and accomplishments, manage students based on their needs, and reward them for their hard work..


Multi-device application that can be used on any operating system without downloading it. Learning can be done by playing games, using audio games, and watching videos while raising the level of skills.


Our goal is to ensure that the learning experience meets the needs and expectations of students and teachers. We have created this platform in accordance with the latest educational legislation and continuously update its content and teaching materials.



ISBN 978-84-09-50898-3


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Package Contents

  • Access to the gaming platform

  • Subject book in PDF format

  • Downloadable worksheet kit

Embark on a new adventure.

Team of Aulavirtualmusica Primaria

Cristóbal Navarro Martínez

Graduate in History and Music Sciences from the University of La Rioja. Diploma in Musical Education from the University of Valencia. Postgraduate in the speciality od Early Music at l'Esmuc (Higher School of Music of Catalonia). Head of Studies at L'Escola de Música Canet d'en Berenguer (Valencia). Conductor of the String Orchestra of the Societat Musical de Canet (Valencia). Passionate about new technologies and their application in music education.

Sergi Rajadell Segundo

Headmaster of the Societat Musical de Canet d'En Berenguer and conductor of its band and the Almudáfer Choir in Puerto de Sagunto. More than 200 works as a composer, including more than 40 commercials for Actimel, 12 commercials for Cuétara Flakes, Discovery Channel documentaries, as well as soundtracks for Disney Channel, theater, film, and television series. Award for the best soundtrack at the Girona Festival for "El canto de un duro".Award for the best soundtrack at the Corintho Festival (Greece) for "Escuchando a Gabriel". Award for the best short film soundtrack at the Berlin Festival for "Sr. Trapo" (winner of a Goya Award) and multiple nominations in Europe and the USA. More than 200 courses taught, related to new technologies.

María José Sánchez Parra
Music Consultant

Ph.D. in Humanities, Art, and Education from the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). Bachelor's degree in Pedagogy of Language and Music Education from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid and Diploma in Music Education from UCLM. Professional Degree in Music specializing in violin and percussion, from the Jacinto Guerrero Professional Conservatory of Music in Toledo. She collaborated with the Ministry of Education in creating music education content for the TVE (Televisión Española) program "Aprendemos en Casa" broadcasted on Clan TV.